How to Stop Procrastination

Someone overcoming procrastination with the help of an online life coach

Procrastination, the art of delaying tasks until the last possible moment, is a common problem that afflicts individuals all over the world. Many people define procrastination as the habit of postponing tasks due to various reasons, often rooted in feeling overwhelmed. I

But really what does procrastinate mean? Why do people procrastinate? And how you you learn how to stop procrastinating? Keep reading to find out! 

What is Procrastination?

What does procrastinate mean? The definition of procrastinate, is the act of delaying or postponing something, often out of avoidance or discomfort, leading to a habitual habit of deferring tasks.

Now that you know the definition of procrastinate, you may be wondering, why do people procrastinate? 

The root cause of procrastination is frequently feeling overwhelmed. It is the sense of being unable to tackle a task that leads individuals to put it off, hoping that the future will somehow bring a newfound burst of motivation and efficiency.

But one thing that you may not know about a procrastinator is that procrastination can become a habit, a vicious loop that can be difficult to close. 

How Procrastination Hurts

Procrastination is a silent productivity killer that leaves a trail of destruction in its wake. Here are some practical examples of how being a procrastinator can hurt: 

  • Missed Opportunities– Delaying important tasks often results in missed opportunities for growth, advancement, or personal development.
  • Stress & Anxiety– Procrastinators experience heightened stress and anxiety as deadlines loom, leading to a lower quality of work and increased pressure.
  • Hindered Success– A chronic procrastinator may see their goals and dreams slip away due to their inability to take action.
  • Damaged Relationships– Procrastination can negatively affect relationships, as it leads to unkept promises and disappointments.

Stop Procrastinating through acknowledgement

Learning how to stop procrastinating starts with changing your mindset and that begins with acknowledgement. 

Give yourself permission to take action, even in small steps. Acknowledge that perfection is not required, and that progress is more important than perfection! 

When you shift your focus to small victories you can celebrate small accomplishments along the way that snowball into productivity. To learn how to stop procrastinating you must set clear, achievable goals and establish routines that encourage productivity! 


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