Life Coaching by Chad Weller

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Life Coaching by Chad Weller

Book your complimentary life coaching session or continue reading for more information.


A life coach helps clarify your goals, identify the obstacles holding you back, and strategize ways to unlock your highest potential. The same way that professional athletes need high level training, enthusiastic support, and an honest and objective perspective in order to succeed, the same holds true for entrepreneurs, business leaders, CEOs, business professionals and executives.

So, what do life coaches do? Simply put, a life coach is a person that’s trained to help you thrive and live a life of passion and purpose.

Life coaching programs are designed to help you develop winning habits in every area of your life that will maximize your potential, identify limiting beliefs that are holding you back and learn how to move beyond them to start living your life to the fullest. You and your life skills coach will work one on one together every week to uncover your “why” and develop an action-based plan to achieve your goals, destroy your limiting beliefs, and have the life of your dreams.



A better question is, why you do you want to unlock an extraordinary life?

The beauty of working with a life coach is that it can and will improve your life at any time, any age, and in any phase of your life. You don’t need to specifically look for a life coach for women, or a life coach for teens; Your life coach is professionally trained and equipped to assess and coach you through any challenges or obstacles you may face. At the end of the day, we’re all human and we all need a bit of help sometimes. That’s what your life coach is there for.

Why would you work with a life coach? People who know they are ready to grow, become more productive, and reach their goals faster know that they want to do those things efficiently and to the best of their ability.

Life coaches are used by people in a variety of professions from professional athletes and actors, to artists, entrepreneurs, executives and small business owners. When a client realizes that there is a space between where they are and where they want to be, a coach can come in and bridge that gap.


Now that you know a bit about what life coaching is all about, let’s tackle some myths and misconceptions around the field.

Life coaching doesn’t require training. Life coaching takes quite a bit of training and certifications. Your life coach is professionally trained on how to assess and create strategies around your unique challenges and obstacles, and transform your life. Most life coaches also work with their own coaches as a way to continually improve themselves and the expertise and insight they offer to clients.

Coaching is only for people who can’t succeed. Like absolutely anything else in life, the only way to get better at something is to work hard, practice and have a good support system in place. Your mindset and lifestyle habits are no different.

A life coach will help you carry out action steps, support and encourage you as you work toward becoming your best self, and help you stay consistent and develop new, healthier habits.

Life coaching is just like therapy. There is always some debate around the life coach vs therapist question, but it can actually be cleared up fairly quickly and simply: Therapy focuses on the past and tends to be less action-oriented. Life coaching, on the other hand, focuses on the present and the future, and looks to improve your outcomes moving forward.


So you’ve decided you’re ready to hire a life coach. Congratulations, that’s awesome! By now you’ve probably spent some time scouring life coach websites looking for an online life coach. And you’ve most likely been trying to find a life coach by typing “life coach near me” into your search engine. Well take a breath and relax, because Chad Weller is here to help.

Chad is available for online coaching, meaning you can take the journey of transformational life coaching right from your office or home.

With weekly coaching calls designed to address the client’s ongoing needs and challenges, online life coaching is a great way to stay consistent and dedicated to your improvement and get the support you need to continue to grow and move toward achieving your goals.