Learn how relationship coaching can transform the bond you have with your partner.


Relationship coaching is for anyone who wants to enhance and strengthen their relationships. Whether you are a couple looking to build a stronger bond, or an individual struggling with trust and communication issues, relationship coaching can be incredibly beneficial.

It is for those who believe in the power of personal development and growth within their relationships. Relationship coaching provides guidance and support in navigating through challenges, improving communication skills, and fostering a deeper understanding of one another.

No matter what stage your relationship is at, whether you are newlyweds or have been together for years, relationship coaching can help you uncover new ways to connect and create lasting happiness. It is an investment in yourself and your partner, allowing you both to grow individually while nurturing the bond between you.

Remember, relationships require effort and commitment. Relationship coaching can provide the tools and techniques needed to overcome obstacles and create a loving, fulfilling partnership. Embrace the opportunity for growth and embark on a journey towards a more joyful and harmonious relationship today.


Is Relationship Coaching different than therapy?

In short, yes. Much of therapy focuses on your past and is clinically structured. Relationship coaching focuses on helping you improve your relationship and attaining your relationship goals. Coaching has more of an open dialogue and creative pathway to collectively work on implementing tools in the now. This can create better forms of communication, deeper trust, understanding of one another, in a very effective format.

Do you work with just heterosexual couples?

I work with couples of all sexual orientations, as communication and trust are at the core of every relationship. With proven experience across all orientations, I’ve worked with a mixture of ethnicities within couples as well. 

How long are Relationship Coaching Sessions?

Each relationship coaching session is held for 90-minutes virtually and in person, typically with both partners present on the same Zoom. 

What if my partner isn't open to coaching but I am?

This is very common that one partner may not want to engage with a coach. However, think of this like rowing a kayak—you both want to be holding an oar gonig in the same direction. Encourage your partner on the benefits of a session, as the goal is to improve your collective relationship as a couple. Equally, you can encourage your partner to a one-on-one session first to get acquanted to what coaching is all about. 

How much is a relationship coaching session?

While this is an investment in yourselves, all packages available and pricing will be discussed in your discovery session after booking.


Having the right set of tools to improve communication, trust and strength in a relationship are key to long-lasting growth, connection and love.