Master your mindset, eliminate procrastination, and


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Optimize performance

Improve productivity

Increase self-esteem/self confidence

Achieve next level success in business

Improve your well-being

Authenticate a healthy relationship with yourself

Cultivate meaningful relationships with others



Chad Weller is a former professional athlete, vegan of 23 years, and a Certified High Performance Life Coach based out of Denver, Colorado.

Chad is an expert in finding balance in mental health, nutrition, exercise, meditation and living his best life.  

Back in 2009, Chad was lucky enough to get a second chance at life after he survived a near death car accident. This is when he knew he had to make serious changes and has been in recovery from drugs and alcohol ever since. He is very transparent when it comes to his past and his mistakes. This allows Chad to use his life experience and expertise to coach many people into living a life they love with passion and purpose.   

As a former professional ultra marathon runner, finishing a 100 mile race in one day and traveling the world racing for over 7 years. Chad learned first hand how to work through obstacles, pain, suffering, perseverance, and training his mind to go beyond his limits. He uses his methodologies to open doors for his clients. Chad wants to give everyone the ability to simplify life, to dream big and conquer those dreams through strategic planning and creating healthy habits that become a life routine.

Chad works with clients 1-on-1 : in person, by phone, via Skype or zoom. Schedule your free consultation today!



Discover every way Chad helps his clients breakthrough pivotal life obstacles and challenges by re-programming your daily habits that becomes your life routine.


High Performance Life Coaching

Thrive with passion and purpose.

If you have comprised one area of your life HPLC will help you find the life balance so you can live with joy, happiness, and purpose.

  • Chad’s focus with all of his coaching techniques is to first address daily habits. Your habits are what defines your behaviors and actions.

Relationship Coaching

We all want to be seen, heard, and feel loved in our relationships. HPRC will guide you to finding happiness in yourself so you can carry it on in your relationships.

  • You will learn the “power 5 for 5 connector”, this allows the relationship to go to new levels while communicating with your partner or any one in your life

High Performance Mindset Coaching

Learn 6 Steps to Thriving - Mastering Mindset

Through Chad’s own life experiences and training, he is experienced in the art of breathing techniques and mindset shift and teaches his clients accessible techniques to easily implement into their lives.

Chad Weller 6 Steps to Thriving
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High Performance Business Coaching

Helping teams overcome hesitation.

Align team strengths, accountability to each person in the group, and cultivating a self-development culture, learning from like minded individuals.

  • A big focal piece is to help each individual gain more confidence and clarity to optimize their success within the group.

Individual Career Coaching

Career coaching with Chad will help you gain self confidence, improve your work ethic, handle stress, channel self-awareness and a positive mindset to help you succeed.

  • Build strong work relationships

  • Embody workplace leadership

  • Tap into your strengths and improve self confidence

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High Performance Habits = High Performance Living 

Speak with courage and conviction - techniques on how to master public speaking

I was lost, so I ran for my life: Overcoming Obstacles and Channeling & Maintaining a Thriving Mindset



For more Chad, check out the Mastering the Challenge Podcast where Chad and his co-host, Jon, explore high conscious human performance and what it takes to overcome life's challenges.