Level-Up Your Mindset

Your mindset is a habit. Good, bad, or in-between, it boils down to what you’ve repeated and committed to mental routine. Here’s the good news: You can change habits. So let’s talk about three of my top tips to level-up your mindset.

Change Your Self-Talk

Stop with the negative self-talk. The things you focus on are the things that grow, so the more you thrash yourself, beat yourself up over things, think you aren’t good enough or deserving enough, and focus on negativity, the more you are creating bad mindset habits. Change that routine: Start replacing your negative self-talk with positive and encouraging thoughts. Even if you don’t truly believe it at first, if you take daily action and repeat these thoughts day in and day out, your mind will come to believe and embrace the positivity.

Change Your Language

Get in the habit of using more action-oriented language. Instead of saying “I want to be a successful entrepreneur,” swap it for something like “I am on my way to being a successful entrepreneur.” Instead of saying, “These are the things that are stressing me out…” change your focus to the positive by shifting to “These are the things I’m grateful for today…”

Action-oriented language reprograms your mind to shift toward a stronger, more positive belief system. So do away with the negative wishing and wanting, and focus on the positive things that you are, that you’re working toward, and that you appreciate.

Change Your Habits

Are you skipping your morning run because you’re sleeping in instead? Are you putting off building your business because you’re putting your time into partying or playing video games? These are just bad habits that can be changed if you want it bad enough. Go to bed an hour earlier and get up when that alarm goes off – You’ll feel great when you finish that morning run and it’s setting you up for a better day. Skip the party or turn off the video games and dedicate an hour at the end of the day to doing one thing for your business – Those hours add up, and by the end of the week you’ll have knocked tons of stuff off your to-do list.