How Finding Your “Why” Can Change Your Life

It’s a simple question: Why?

Why do you want to achieve that goal? Why do you want a six-figure income? Why is this dream so important to you?

The answers can be tough. Many times we set off on a path knowing what we want, but never exploring why we want it. But without understanding our real, true motivations and reasons, we sort of become a ship floating at sea getting blown around by the wind.

At the core of your journey is a “why.”

It’s your calling, your vision, your core source of motivation. Your “why” is your reference point for your actions and decisions.

Maybe you want to build a six or seven figure business because that gives you financial freedom, and with that freedom you want to travel. There’s your genuine “why.” Maybe you want to complete an Ironman Triathlon because you struggled to make fitness a part of your life, and hitting that goal is your internal indicator that you’ve successfully made health and fitness a regular part of your life.

Whatever your “why” is, it’s the most important part of achieving your goal. Understanding it gives you increased clarity, focus, and a more concrete and defined version of your goal.

So we must take time to sit down and explore our own “why.” You’ll find that once you figure it out, your mindset shifts and you become even more dedicated to achieving your dreams.


Think of your “why” as your “reason.” If you feel stuck in a job that is making you unhappy and you sense a lack of fulfillment, then your work is not in tune with your true reason for doing the work in the first place. Are we all going to have to do things we don’t want to from time to time? Of course. But if our primary driver isn’t anchored in our “why” then we end up drifting along feeling empty and unsatisfied.

You may mistake these feelings for being based in external factors; “I hate the commute to my office,” “I don’t make enough money,” “My boss is inept and makes my job extra difficult.” And while these things may be true, they are not the core issue: The real issue is that you are not dialed in to, and pursuing, your “why.”

Let me ask you this – If we shortened your commute and eliminated all traffic, would you be happy? If you got a $15,000 a year raise, would you suddenly feel fulfilled? If your boss lightened up on you, would your stress dissipate?

No. You may feel marginally better, but in the center of your being you’d still feel the gnawing sense of dissatisfaction. Why is that? Because the root issue of your unhappiness lies in the lack of understanding and pursuit of your true reason.

If you believed in the work you were doing, if it tapped into the values and pursuits and areas that really light you up, the aforementioned outside factors wouldn’t wear you down quite the same way. Because deep down, you’d have a sense of accomplishment and satisfaction from doing the thing that sets your soul on fire.

When you have a strong sense of purpose, you become almost unstoppable. The more you can hone your focus on your goals, you will find a clear reason for waking up and attacking the day each and every morning.

Finding your “why” is all about connecting with your most authentic passions, and when you’re in tune with your truest and highest calling and sense of self, you’re willing to make the short-term sacrifices that you know will eventually lead you to happiness and success.


It takes time and introspection, but finding your “why” can be a very powerful experience. I recently talked about finding your “why” when I was interviewed on the Vegan Life Coach Podcast, and if I can give you one piece of advice regarding where to start your journey, it would be this: You have to begin within.

You can’t find your why by traveling to some exotic location, you won’t find it at the top of a mountain, and you won’t find it buying material things. You’ll find it when you start to look inside yourself and ask yourself the difficult questions.

What am I passionate about? Do I have a burning passion to start a non-profit and give back to my community? Do I want to work with kids in the education field and shape young minds? Do I want to start my own pet supply company? Ask yourself where your passions lie, and allow yourself to be as open and honest as possible.

What are my strengths? Am I great at public speaking? Am I an awesome sales rep? Can I sell real estate like no one else can? Zero in on your strengths and find out if inside those strengths lives a fire that stirs you.

What are my values and motivations? Do I feel strongly about an issue or topic? Am I constantly reading and educating myself about a certain topic or area of interest? What do I feel most strongly about? Sometimes finding your convictions and core values can be a stepping stone to getting a clear view of your “why.”

The journey to finding your “why” may take time, but I assure you that when you do find that authentic reason that lights your world up, you’ll be well on your way to true happiness and success.