Freedom factor by Chad Weller

Freedom factor mindset in action by Chad Weller high performance coach

Do you ever find yourself feeling stuck, complacent, or simply overthinking your life?

Do you find yourself unable to activate a certain goal? Sometimes I find it hard to get out of bed to get my morning work-out in, finding every excuse I can to hit snooze one more time. We create stories that don’t exist, building up a wall with self-doubt, fear, and resistance — overthinking even the simplest of tasks. This leaves us feeling mentally stuck and we tend to experience a decrease in energy, loss of hope, and complacency. I call this loss of mental freedom and overthinking the ‘freedom factor’.

Trust me, with 50,000+ thoughts going through our minds daily, it’s easy for any of us to give up mental freedom. I was really good at losing my freedom until one day I said “Why am I overthinking this right now, I have so much to be doing and this is not being productive.” Once I was able to catch myself and change my pattern from over thinker (negative stories). I simply stop myself by counting 3-2-1- reset inhale then exhale. This allows me to stay on track to being more productive, I found myself aligning my energy with a positive mindset creating forward thinking and feeling more energized. This is how I created freedom for myself.

Go from feeling Complacent to Constructive by:

  1. Identify this Behavior – Be Self Aware.
  2. Get out of Your Head, Pivot, Shift the Mindset.
  3. Focus on Your Breathe and Control your Mental State
  4. 3-2-1 Reset + Take Action
  5. Forward Thinking

Less Thinking < More Action

This allows you to create mental freedom so you can move forward and keep your priorities productive.

It takes daily practice to sustain mental freedom in your life. Each day it is up to your choices. Don’t hold yourself back to achieve your goals because you are getting in your own way. Take back your mental freedom and stop overthinking.

Let’s talk about how I can help you create mental freedom and live a high performing life.

Thrive. Passion. Purpose.