8 Power Plays to Increase Happiness

Happiness is defined as feeling satisfied, with a sense of purpose and is not correlated to how much money you have in the bank. As humans, we have an innate need to want to be happy, but focusing on what leads to happiness is not always as inherent.

According to an article by the University of California, Berkeley, happiness is dependent upon “our ability to connect with others, to have meaningful relationships, to have a community.”

Even though happiness is a fleeting human emotion, we can focus on ways to control what is happening in our own worlds to help dictate creating a life with the ways we feel happy.

Here are my 8 power plays to increase performance, keep you cup half full and add more happiness to your life:

  1. Surround yourself with happy people.  Seems simple right? Not always. And you know what I am talking about. These people make you smile and lift you up, regularly. Studies show that we are happiest when we are around happy people. Choose to be around people who are positive and joyful and let that rub off on you.
  2. Know your values. Values are what you find to be true, your principles and life standards. These belong to you and should be held at a high standard. Over time, the more you honor them, the better you will feel about yourself and those you love.
  3. Realize and Accept the good. Look at your life and take an inventory of what’s working. Life will never be perfect so it’s important to realize this and doesn’t disregard life’s imperfections. Celebrate small wins and focus on the good, treat all else as lessons, learn from them and take strides forward.
  4. Imagine getting what you want. Don’t be afraid to look at what you really want and see yourself having what you desire. Many people avoid this process because they don’t want to be disappointed if things don’t work out. The truth is that imagining getting what you want is a big part of achieving it.
  5. Doing what you love. Maybe you can’t go to the beach every day or take vacations every month, but as long as you get to do the things you love every once in a while, you will find greater happiness. Keep it simple fall in love with the little things in life. It changes everything.
  6. Listening to your heart. You are the only one who knows what fills you up. Your family and friends may think you’d be great at something that really doesn’t fit your personality or your life’s calling. It can be complicated following your heart. Be smart, and keep pushing and believing every step of the way.
  7. Knowing how to push yourself, not others. It’s easy to feel that someone else is responsible for your fulfillment, but the reality is that it is really up to you. Once you realize this, you have the power to get where you want to go. You will stop blaming others or the world around you, and you’ll find your answers much sooner to true happiness.
  8. Embrace change and be okay with being uncomfortable. Even if it doesn’t feel good, change is the one thing that will impact you and make you stronger. Change is a powerful thing, you will be emotionally impacted think positive and keep moving forward.

Slow down and take the time to reflect on what makes you happy. Practice the art of being kind to others. Smile and spread joy, it will surely trigger happiness within you.

Finding the path to happiness, inner peace and fulfillment are within each of us, sometimes we just have to reach out to others with an objective viewpoint to help us tap into our happiness well. If you are seeking guidance let me help you figure out the best route to achieve your happiness.

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