10 Ways a Life Coach Can Dramatically Improve Your Life

Confident man in a suit at sunset looking in the abyss enjoying the benefits of a life coach

Hiring a life coach may seem like you are throwing in the towel in life or succumbing to a self-induced pity party, but actually, it is the exact opposite. Having an objective person who is skilled not only in the art of listening but the science of action to actively play a part in the decision making process in your life, is well, let’s face it, a brilliant move on your part. Think about all of the time and money you will actually save by having someone else guide you when you need it the most.

There are pivotal moments in life where critical decisions need to be made. Having the right people in your corner to help guide you will give you the confidence and courage you need to make the best decisions.  

So, let’s break down the stigma of life coaching. You are probably wondering; Why do I need to have someone tell me what to do? How much will this cost me?  I thought that only people who are failing in life have life coaches? I thought that only athletes have coaches?

The truth is, we all need an extra push in life sometimes, a voice of reason, a mentor, a life teammate and advocate who can help listen, guide, ask the right questions, and hold us accountable. Life coaches are trained to do this and much more.

This life coach figure does not have to be a psychiatrist or mental health doctor if what you are trying to accomplish is a positive shift in your mindset, optimized performance and productivity, increased self-esteem/self confidence, improved well-being and a healthy relationship with yourself and others.

I speak from experience because I have one. Yes, even life coaches benefit from life coaches. Just like a doctor needs to see another doctor, life coaches seek the help and mentorship from other life coaches.

My biggest thing right now is that I don’t want to lose my momentum. My life coach has helped me clarify my vision and find solutions faster which makes me accomplish my goals quicker. We collaborate on the plan in which I will need to execute in order to achieve a goal and then she holds me accountable every day.  She is a great resource and I have more confidence, more motivation and more out of my life.

To help you fully grasp the potential of why a life coach is a wise addition to your team, I break down my top 10 reasons why a life coach can dramatically improve your life:

  1. Overcome limiting beliefs that are holding you back
  2. Help alleviate anxiety and stress
  3. Helps you to define a clear vision and put an effective strategy into place
  4. Become a more productive focusing on the areas of your life that bring you joy
  5. Helps you be held accountable
  6. Opens your mind to discover new things
  7. Growth mindset and forward momentum
  8. Build confidence and self-motivation
  9. Create high performing habits
  10. Become a high performer with a positive mindset

No matter where you are in life, I think you would agree that any of these reasons why you could benefit from a life coach are viable, attainable and exciting. Who doesn’t want to improve their mindset, productively, relationships, and overall performance in life? If you are ready to explore adding a life coach to your team, let’s talk so I can help guide you in the right direction.  If I am not the right fit for you, I have a wide network of coaches that I can refer you to. Take the step towards dramatically improving your life, hire a life coach today!

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