Overcoming Hesitation + Embracing action

Are you already hesitating in the New Year?

I can remember setting short term goals and starting out the new year, but quickly losing momentum. It was frustrating and I would get disappointed with myself. I would ask myself what happened?

I then took inventory, did I have a concrete plan to work towards my goal?

As it turns out, I was missing important steps to accomplish my goal. This is when I created the 6 Steps to Thriving. Before I discovered an organized and systematic approach to achieving my goals, my ego would suffer because I would criticize my failures and remain stuck. But, as I finished aligning my mental confidence, and focused on simple, attainable steps, I started to hit my goals and found an incredible shift in my energy. My ego became unattached and I discovered fulfillment in my life.

Break the habit of hesitating and trust yourself. Do not strive for perfection. Make the decision to allow for mistakes, learn from then and push forward.

To hear more about overcoming hesitation check out my latest episode on my podcast Mastering the Challenge with Jon Christian. Click below to listen.

Mastering the Challenge Podcast

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