Praise for "Coach Weller"


Chad is a client-centered coach who leads from the heart. He effectively calibrates his coaching to serve you wherever you find yourself as a runner. Our time together was not only a blast, but resulted in my PR for that race. I remain grateful for his expert advice that has helped me to become a better athlete.

- Pascale Charlot


I began working with Chad Weller soon after I set a goal of qualifying for the 2018 Boston Marathon. Chad's personalized coaching approach is one of the best I've found. Not only does Chad craft my training schedule, but he also educates me on form, technique, and the body mechanics of running. I was a strong runner when I met Chad, but he is taking me to a level I didn't think possible. For instance, since we began working together, my average pace has dropped by 30 seconds, I've become more knowledgeable about nutrition, and how to properly fuel my body, and I have developed a greater understanding of the psychology behind speed work and distance training. Overcoming mental obstacles is one of my greatest hurdles, and coaching me through them is one of Chad's greatest talents. Chad's ability to inspire, energize, and connect with me when I'm struggling is what I appreciate most. In fact, Chad has become a mentor and dear friend, one that I am happy to work with again and again. I can't sing his praises loud enough.

- Alexandra Hudson


“Everything changed once I began training with Chad Weller. With great knowledge and care, Chad enabled me to focus on improvement and longevity. Leading by example, Chad took my performance to the next level through a combination of diet, exercise, and mental toughness. Prior to training with Chad, my half-marathon record was 1:55, an 8:45 mile. Yet, after of one year of training with Chad, I completed a full marathon in 3:26, a 7:50 mile. The following month, I completed my first 50k off-road ultra-marathon, finishing first for my age group. Since then I have earned the opportunity to race around the world. Recently, I raced alongside Chad and hundreds of international athletes in a 100km three-day stage-race through Patagonia, Argentina. Thanks to Chad’s coaching, I finished in the 20th percentile of advanced category racers. In addition to remarkable gains in my performance, including personal records and high race rankings, Chads training methodologies have sharpened my mind, brining my attention to each step. As a result, I’ve maintained my health and discovered a world of trails.” 
— Jose Ortega


"In July 2016, while running a marathon I ruptured my plantar fascia. Later that year, I qualified for the Boston Marathon, and needed to restart my training, but my fascia was slow to heal. After three months in a boot, and two more with little progress, frustration set in, and that is when Chad walked into my life, and I am so grateful! After only a few sessions, I was noticed a difference in my gait, and began to heal. Not only did my foot feel better, but my knees no longer ached. Had I not met Chad, never would have know that my running style was creating problems. Chad not only changed the way I run, but helped me become increasingly aware of my form. With a five point system, Chad taught me how to self-correct, keeping me motivated and healthy. Chad’s peaceful demeanor and expertise put me on the fast track, freeing me up to train for Boston. In fact, Chad is effectively a "Life Coach,” for he helps athletes develop physically and mentally, breaking down the psychological barriers that can stand in the way of athletic performance. Based on my great results, Chad is now working with my teenage son. Not only does he help him with his gait, but he also teaches him to be mindful. In fact, after my son's first session with Chad, he decided to eat better, and even took a water bottle to school for the first time in years. I highly recommend Chad to athletes at all levels, for he truly cares about client’s development, not only in running but also in life, surrounding himself with a team of people that propel one another to new heights."
- Kim Pankratz