Stop Procrastinating, Using the 3-2-1-GO! Method

Have you ever said you were going to get up everyday at 6 am and go to the gym, or set alarms or reminders in your phone to accomplish something that you love or get an important task done -- only to find yourself not following through and delaying difficult tasks, finding anything “else” that you could be doing to occupy your time? This is otherwise known as procrastination and not a part of the recipe to live a high performance life.

Psychology Today states,Procrastination in large part reflects perennial struggles with self-control as well as the general human inability to accurately predict how we'll feel tomorrow, or the day after. "I don't feel like it" takes precedence over goals; however, it then begets a downward spiral of negative emotions that deter future effort. Perfectionists are often procrastinators; it is psychologically more acceptable to never tackle a task than to face the possibility of falling short on performance.”

Most procrastinators claim that they are better under pressure hence the reason they wait until the last minute to jump in action, however, this is an easy out for them to justify their actions. Many years ago, I went through a process of setting up my “to-do” list, rarely checking things off. These things that I wasn’t doing, caused me anxiety and feeling overwhelmed. It was hard to face myself in the mirror as I knew I was just procrastinating and waiting for that perfect time. I would tell myself time and time again “start tomorrow, yeah start tomorrow!“

That tomorrow would end up taking days, weeks, even months. Until one day I said enough is enough, “3-2-1-GO”! This would change everything, it didn't give me a chance to think, I just started doing. Getting up at 4 am, getting out to run, eating healthier, going to the beach and swimming in the ocean, following up with contacts, reaching out for leads, the list goes on. Practicing 3-2-1-GO would end up making me take action and live out each day to its fullest. I gave myself the power to do everything I wanted, and my life became simplified. To this day, I use the 3-2-1-GO method to get everything done that I set out to do, I am focused, more productive and I hit my daily, weekly and monthly goals and now my clients are experiencing the benefits too.

Take it from an internationally recognized mindset expert and emotional intelligence expert, Jen Groover. “The 3-2-1-Go Method is a powerful strategy because with like any muscle you exercise, it actually trains the brain to move into action after stating the mantra.  At first it might feel challenging and really intentional but when you consistently follow through on the strategy it will become more instinctual. Much like the famous Pavlov's Dog training but for taking action.”

A lot of my clients ask me about this in our first session, I get really excited about sharing this. We start out using it for them as soon as they wake. Instead of hitting the alarm clock count 3-2-1-go next it’s your feet hitting the floor and your moving. Taking the first step is the most crucial when using 3-2-1-go. It gives you energy just from taking that small action. As you keep using this method throughout your day you will see how much more productive you can be and how your goals become much closer in reach.

“You have really helped my wife and I have been using 3-2-1-GO and we get up every morning and workout together.”

  • Rob S.

Breakthrough the procrastination, implement this simple method and find yourself forming new habits today. If you are still not sure on how to do this, take note of these practical steps:

  1. Set your alarm with a new time to START your day.

  2. Do not I repeat do not hit the snooze button, but instead count 3-2-1-GO in your head our even out loud and get out of bed and GO!

  3. Remember to use this again throughout your day to stay on track, keep your mind focused on your goals and your energy high.  

You may be saying to yourself, this seems so simple, what do I do when this method doesn’t work? If the method doesn't work every time keep using it is part of your stop procrastinating process. 3-2-1-GO will work to reprogram your mindset and develop a new productive habit that will become a part of your high performing life routine. Practice, practice, practice and keep this in your mind when you feel stuck, unmotivated, or unproductive. JUST 3-2-1 GO!

— Chad



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